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Yosemite Wedding Photos

How do you get the best Yosemite Wedding photos? In order to get the best images in Yosemite national park, especially wedding photos, you need a good plan. Yosemite National Park changes with the seasons and you need to be prepared. If you choose and all day hike or partial hike be prepared with the following. First, know where you want to go and what time of day the light will hit the best spots. An example, Taft point's best light is at sunset, whereas, the best light for El Capitan is in early morning light. The valley floor of Yosemite lends to amazing light all day and best explored during daylight hours. Second, Wear the right shoes! Even if you are hiking in your wedding dress and suit, make sure you have good hiking shoes. Many of the places that adventure photographers go are off the beaten path and require a good deal of hiking to get that epic or iconic shot. Lastly, be prepared with water and food for the day ahead.Contact us for more information on our Yosemite wedding Photoshoot packages.

Location: Yosemite, California.